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Babysitting Classes

Each year (usually in May), the JCC hosts a two-part Red Cross Babysitting Class from 4-7 pm on a Tuesday and Thursday.  The class teaches child safety, first aid, baby care, and developmentally appropriate play.  Upon successful completion of both days, students receive a card showing that they are certified by the Red Cross.

Students must have turned 11 by the start of the class (or within two weeks) to receive certification.  Students who are 10 years old are welcome to participate but will not receive certification.  For more information about the class, contact Shoshana Jackson at 734-971-0990 or

Registration forms with further details will be posted here as soon they become available each year.


The next class will be held in May, 2012.  If there is sufficient interest, a class may also be offered the following autumn.