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Gifts to the JCC in honor of a friend or loved one serve many purposes.  You let those you care about know you're thinking of them, and you also provide valuable financial assistance to our organization. Gifts that support specific programs allow the JCC to enrich those programs for their participants.  Gifts to our general fund help with our ongoing operations including maintaining and upgrading the building for the enjoyment of all.  No matter how you choose, we thank you for your support.

To make your tax-deductible contribution now, please complete the form below.  You will then be directed to another page to complete your secure Paypal transaction using either a credit card or a Paypal account.  All transactions are encrypted for your security, and Paypal will notify you by e-mail that your gift has been deposited into the JCC's account.

Please note that Paypal charges the JCC approximately 2.5% for each donation processed via its website. Therefore, if you would like the JCC to receive the full amount of your intended donation, please consider increasing your donation to cover these costs.  Alternatively, you may make a donation directly by mailing us a check payable to the JCC. 

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Please select either an Endowment or a Current Use Fund below.  If you do not have a fund preference for your donation, please select General Fund under the Current Use Funds, in which case your donation will help to support our ongoing operations.

JCC Endowments are part of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Ann Arbor

 Early Childhood Center Teacher Appreciation - Herman Zerweck Fund
 Early Childhood Center Teacher Appreciation - Evelyn Morelda Krislov Fund
 Early Childhood Center Infant/Toddler Playground - Claire and Isadore Bernstein Infant/Toddler Playground Endowment Fund
 Jewish Book Festival - Fred and Ned Shure Book Festival Fund
 Film Festival - Ann and Jules Doneson Film Festival Fund
 Cultural Arts - Bobbie and Myron Levine Cultural Arts Fund
 Musical Arts - Marilyn and Sam Krimm Musical Arts Fund
 Senior Program - Sybil Fishman and Pauline DePietro Fund
 Senior Program - Phyllis Herzig Fund
 Fund for the Future in Honor of Chuck and Sharon Newman


 General Fund
 Early Childhood Center
 Camp Raanana
 Grover 50-Front Lobby Upgrade Fund

Once you have completed this form, please click the "Submit" button below.  On the next page that appears, click "Donate."  You will then be redirected to the JCC's account on Paypal's secure website where you may complete a credit card transaction or pay with your Paypal account.

Thank you for supporting the JCC!  We appreciate your donation.