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Camp Keshet

Who staffs Camp Keshet?

The Camp Keshet "counselors" are the same highly qualified teachers who work with our preschool-aged children during the school year.

What are the group sizes at Camp Keshet?

Depending on the time of the day, the children are divided into groups of varying sizes. During Boker Tov (Greeting Time), Work Time, and Outdoor Activity time, the camp participates as a whole; during Large Group Time, the camp is divided into three groups (based around classroom communities) of about 16-18 children; and during Small Group Time, the children work in consistent groups of 6-7 children with the same teacher.

How do you travel for field trips?

Most of the time we take the AATA - "The Ride." Sometimes we walk or use a school bus.

Where does Camp Keshet go on field trips?

In past years, Camp Keshet has gone to destinations such as the Farmer's Market, Oz's Music, Schokolade, the U of M Exhibit Museum, the Hands On Museum, and several branches of the Ann Arbor District Library!

What doesn't come to camp?

Special toys or valuables that cannot be easily replaced.

What does my child need at camp?

Here's the list:
1) A change of clothes suitable to the season.
2) A durable water bottle labeled with your child's name.
3) Towel, bathing suit and hat (suit should be worn to school on Tues/Thurs).
4) Sunscreen.
5) Closed toe shoes AND shoes that can get wet.
6) A dairy lunch, with an ice pack if needed.
7) Swim diapers and plastic pants (if your child is not yet potty trained).

What do I need to do to prepare my child for the camp day?

All children should be sun screened prior to drop-off! On Tuesdays and Thursdays are pool days, so please drop your child off already wearing a swimsuit underneath his or her clothes. Please dress your child in the camp T-shirt every Wednesday.

When does the camp day start? And where do I drop my camper?

The start of the camp day is at 9:00AM. Children arriving at the start of the camp day (9:00) should be dropped off outside for Boker Tov (our Greeting Time). Please consider arriving a few minutes early to provide a more smooth transition for your child into Greeting Time. Regularly enrolled ECC preschoolers can be dropped off in their classrooms starting at 7:30, as usual.

Which days are swim days?

Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Where do we swim?

We use the Buhr Park tot pool, which we rent exclusively. The tot pool has depths ranging from 0' to 2.5'.

How do you safely supervise that many kids in the pool?

We bring extra staff, as well as volunteers, which allows us to maintain a 1 to 4 ratio of staff to children.

What will my child learn at the pool?

We use our time at the pool to introduce children to the water, with the goal of helping children become comfortable and safe in and around the water!

What does my child need for swim days?

Bathing suit, towel & a pair of shoes that can get wet (for the shower). Swim shoes or fast-drying sandals are good choices.

What do I need to do for swim days if my child is not yet potty trained?

Please provide a supply of swim diapers as well as plastic pants to go over them. (The plastic pants are required by the city.)

How should my child be dressed at drop-off on swim days?

Children should be dropped off in their swim suits - sunscreen too! (We will re-apply in the afternoon)

What about non-swim days?

We will be spending a lot of time outdoors, so we anticipate lots of water play this summer, whether it is a pool day or not! Make sure that your child is equipped with a swim suit, towel, and shoes that can get wet every day! Make sure to sunscreen your child before drop-off each day.

How do the children get to the pool?

We rent a school bus to transport all the preschoolers.