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Purim in the Palace



Sunday, March 16th
4:45 p.m.At the JCC

Are you ready for a Purim celebration of kingly proportions? You are invited to Purim in the Palace, a royal holiday fest and feast at the JCC!

Join members of the Ann Arbor community for a grand Purim celebration fit for kings and queens.  Come dressed in your royal attire for our grand masquerade and ball. At 4:45 watch Crazy Craig in a jester’s show for the entire court. Be prepared to be astounded with his fast-paced comedic juggling, games, gags magic and more!

Children can explore the royal palace, making their own custom perfume and jewelry in Queen Esther’s Quarter, join the royal guards for shield making and have their picture taken on King Achashveirosh’s chair.

A royal dinner in the will be served for the entire family with food for adults and the little ones and all the hamentashen you can eat!

Purim in the Palace is co-sponsored by Chabad House and  JCC of Greater Ann Arbor and will be held at the JCC, 2935 Birch Hallow Drive.

Tickets can be purchased online at RSVP at or by calling 734-971-0990or 734-995-3276 before March 1st for $30 per family, $12 per person or $36 per family and $18 per person at the door.

Additional details can be found online